Welcome to a brand new classifieds


Welcome to our brand new look classifieds for north Queensland.


We have dramatically changed the look and feel of North Queensland Advertising, the changes that have been made include the following,


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18 Sweet Tips For Facebook Page Posts

Facebook marketing is not as easy as it seems. Social media marketers have to impress and win the hearts of more than one billion, or at least ten thousand, active users on the world’s largest social networking site.


While reaching out to those people may sound mind-boggling, there are some useful tips that Facebook marketers can do to follow the right path. Some of these tips even apply to Facebook users.


Mike Maghsoudi, co-founder of Post Rocket, a website dedicated to Facebook marketing, recently posted a “sweet” infographic with brief but useful tips for Facebook Page posts. Mind the quoted word because the visuals will walk you through a candy store of chewable information surrounded by confectionery. Just enough to keep you energized on your online campaign.

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